Welcome to Leek & District Sports Council website

The Leek & District Sports Council was formed in 1990 by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, along with similar Councils in Cheadle and Biddulph, to provide an advisory link between Sports clubs in the District and the SMDC Leisure and Recreation department.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To encourage the residents of the District to be active and participate in sports and recreation through member organisations.
  2. To act as a forum where Sports and physical recreation organisations can meet and share expertise and experience to increase the number and demographics of people participating in some form of exercise.
  3. To hold regular meetings to disseminate information on SMDC sports and recreation strategy and action plans, sources of funding, schools physical activities, leisure services.
  4. To award grants from Leek Town Funding to member organisations to encourage greater uptake in physical recreation.
  5. To represent the Leek & District Sports Council on the Moorlands District Sports Council.


The Sports Council is funded by an administration grant from SMDC and in recent years it has been able to distribute monies from a grant from Leek Town Council to help clubs encourage wider participation in sport and recreation.


  1. A meeting is held monthly on the third Monday of the month except in December and August to discuss sporting matters and the local sporting scene. From time to time speakers are invited to provide advice on specific matters.
  2. The Sports Council is represented on the Staffordshire Moorlands Sports Council by the Chairman.
  3. The Council administers Leek Town Council Grants to member Sports Clubs
  4. The Sports Council runs the Leek Sports Personality Awards event in which successful and deserving sports people of all ages, teams, coaches, and volunteers are nominated for their contributions and achievements by their peers.


Any Sport or physical recreation organisation can join the Sports Council and any Club wishing to join should contact one of the Officers listed under Contacts and complete the Nomination Form in Downloads and forward it to the Secretary. Currently the annual membership fee is £10. For Clubs to qualify for rate relief on their grounds they must be members of the Sports Council and a representative must attend 70% of the meetings annually. Likewise to be eligible for a grant from the Leek Town Fund a representative must attend 70% of the meetings.

The List of Current Sports Club members are listed under Sports Clubs. Also listed are those local Clubs we are aware of but are not currently members of the Sports Council.


The Sports Council is run by the officers who are appointed each year at the Annual General meeting in May each Year i.e. Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.